Dance Talk: Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami's World Premieres

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Dance Talk: Dimensions Dance Theatre of Miami's World Premieres

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Moderator Jordan Levin will be talking World Premieres at our next Dance Talk with Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami, on their much anticipated return to the Main Stage of South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center.

Exciting enough to do a show of all world premieres commissioned by your company. Even more so after the many pandemic delays for Dimensions Dance Theater of Miami’s November program. “Let’s do this already!” jokes co-artistic director Jennifer Kronenberg, before turning serious. “We all feel proud. It feels really satisfying that we’re accomplishing the mission we set out to achieve. Especially after this year of craziness.”

A big part of that mission is presenting original work by exciting South Florida artists like the ones who’ll join us for our Dance Talk on October 22nd. From “Preludes,” a neo-classical ballet set to piano compositions by Latin Grammy nominated composer and pianist Jorge Mejia, we’ll have choreographer Ariel Rose, the Miami City Ballet dancer who’s made several pieces for Dimensions. (A little fun personal history – Mejia dated an MCB dancer in the 90’s, when he fell in love with ballet and became friendly with the troupe’s dancers, including Kronenberg, who commissioned “Preludes” after Mejia shared the music on social media.)

“DECO: Danzón of Eclectic Cultural Origin” is one of Dimensions’ most ambitious projects, supported by a prestigious Knight New Works grant. Our Talk includes choreographer Kevin Jenkins, who’s created lyrical, engaging ballets for troupes around the U.S. In “DECO,” Jenkins has made an outsider’s fascinated tribute to the vitality and cultural mix of Miami and Dimensions’ dancers. Two of his collaborators also join us: Haitian-American artist Edouard Duval-Carrié, one of Miami’s most celebrated, pivotal artists, who designed the set for “DECO;” and costume designer Andrea Spiridonakos, another former MCB dancer, now a textile and fashion artist.

Finally, we’ll have Donna Murray, a longtime Palm Beach contemporary choreographer whose “Landscapes,” a poetic reflection on love with mixed and same sex couples also making its world premiere. And of course Kronenberg and her husband and artistic partner Carlos Guerra.

And we hope we’ll have you! Please join us at 7pm on Friday, October 22nd on the Center’s Facebook page for our Dance Talk on Dimensions Dance Theater’s night of World Premieres.

The live performance takes place at 8pm Saturday Nov. 13 on the Main Stage of the South Miami-Dade Cultural Art Center.