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South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (SMDCAC) provides a world-class, multi-disciplinary cultural venue and community gathering place in the southern part of Miami-Dade County. The Center plays a key role in the economic and cultural development of the area and opened on October 1, 2011. In addition to providing a diverse range of quality entertainment to people from all backgrounds and ages, the Center's mission includes an emphasis on educational and outreach activities in partnership with community groups and schools.

Dance classes at SMDCAC
Since 2014 SMDCAC has been providing dance classes for children ages 5-16 to the families of our community as a means of fostering a lifelong love of dance and the arts to the youth in our community. Classes are intended to provide access to the arts and are offered to students who demonstrate financial need. Class offerings include Beginner Ballet, Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Hip Hop and are offered in both the fall and the spring. Each 12 week class culminates in a public performance on the main stage.
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All Kids Included Family Arts Festival
The All Kids Included – Accessible Art Experiences for Kids (AKI) initiative was developed by the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs in 2006 with initial funding from The Children’s Trust. AKI creates inclusive arts and cultural programs so that kids of all abilities and their families can participate fully in the arts. Since 2011 SMDCAC has been the home of the AKI Field Trips and Festival Day that includes a full day of FREE programming for children with and without disabilities and their families. SMDCAC partners with local arts groups to provide interactive arts opportunities as well as national touring acts on our main stage. For more information click here

Family Series
Each season SMDCAC presents specific artists geared towards children and their families as part of our Family Series. These shows are programmed with appropriate development themes and priced with families in mind in order to offer affordable opportunities to expose children to the performing arts.

Summer Camps
Do you know a child who wants to be involved with the performing arts? Each summer, SMDCAC partners with local arts groups to offer performing arts summer camps for kids. Summer camp offerings can include musical theater, improv, music and dance. Check our events page to see what this summer will offer!

Pre-Show and post show Talks
Want to learn more about your favorite artist? Enhance your show going experience by attending one of our FREE pre-show talks. At several of our shows we offer free pre-show talks with the artistic directors, choreographers, and/or community arts leaders. Preshow talks range from 30 minutes to 1 hour and occur on-site on the day of the performance. For more information check our events page where pre and post show talks are listed for applicable shows.

School Performance Field Trips
Every school year hundreds of students throughout Miami Dade County are welcomed to the center to experience FREE day time performances for school children in the Miami Dade County Public School system as well as private and home schools. When available, performance study guides are provided to teachers to supplement their classroom activities and enrich the theater going experience. Teachers – are you signed up for our mailing list? If not, email  so you don’t miss out on any of these opportunities.

Theater Etiquette field trips
Teachers, SMDCAC wants to help prepare your students for their performances and future careers in the arts! The goal of our theater etiquette program is to offer students who are studying the performing arts an opportunity to learn about the work necessary to produce a professional performance. For the 19-20 season, we offer specialized tours that focus on specific content areas (utilizes CPALMS arts curriculum standards). Workshops include an overview of audience etiquette at live performances, a backstage look of our state-of-the-art cultural venue, and a chance to learn about the theater, dance, and music professions from industry professionals and local artists – including how to make the best impression in an audition!  Contact for more info.

Free community events
In addition to our main programming, SMDCAC also offers FREE pop-up events throughout the year which include an annual Halloween event that features family friendly spooky activities, as well as a winter holiday event that offers family friendly activities plus a holiday themed movie on the lawn! Check our events page to see what we have in store this season!

In association with many of our main stage performances, SMDCAC offers FREE and reduced cost workshops and masterclasses to local students and arts groups. These are taught by the world class artists that perform at the center and take place at SMDCAC campus or on the school campus. To inquire about arranging for a masterclass/workshop please email

For more information contact the center's Education and Outreach Manager: Annie Hoffman, 786.573.5316 or