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Andrés Lopez

Llegar a Marte


Andrés Lopez: Llegar a Marte
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Andrés Lopez: Llegar a Marte
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Andrés Lopez: Llegar a Marte

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Colombian Andrés López is one of Latin America’s most popular and respected stand-up comedians, having performed in over 15 countries around the world.  He was recently featured as a main voice in the Spanish version of the movie “The Secret Life of Pets”. “Llegar a Marte” (Landing on Mars): Andrés, with his characteristic style, narrates in a romantic and scientific comedy, an adventure towards the future in which you will be part of the “crew”. The space and affective exploration we all wish to do will be performed onstage where it will be shown that launching a rocket traveling to space is similar to love: they both require different stages. "To inhabit another planet you need to cultivate it, to love you must cultivate”.

Andrés, con su característico estilo, narra en una comedia romántica y científica, una aventura en la que usted será parte de la "tripulación". La exploración espacial y afectiva que todos deseamos hacer estará en un escenario donde se mostrará que así como para lanzar un cohete que viaja al espacio se requiere diferentes etapas, en el amor es similar. "Para habitar otro planeta se necesita cultivarlo, para amar se debe cultivar”.

NOTE: This production is in Spanish.